To establish yourself as a newly founded business is an impressive yet daunting adventure but dole out all of the money involved, it can suddenly become more sky-high than you may foresee. Work from home is a great place to take a start, however it’s not a professional location to engage in business meetings. Therefore at some point, you’ll plan for some cheap office space in UK.

Here are 4 simple yet effective ways to seek for low cost office space in UK!

Hot-Desking Offices

Hot-desking is a new workplace design craze in which employees don’t have permanently assigned desks or cubicles. Out of some of really cool shared and hot-desking offices situated throughout the UK, many of them intent on specific business fields like technology, social or creative enterprise. While most hot-desking offices facilitate its clients with access to desk, electric supply and connected internet. Some of them also offer kitchen area, meeting rooms, and break out areas. Along with it, they ask for wide range of rental deals, these deals varies from routine charges to monthly dues, and also offer monthly subscriptions, as well.  Despite of many benefits of hot-desking, there is a downside of it – as clients don’t own this desk and have to bring their belongings daily.

Shared office

Shared offices are permanent yet affordable solution where various businesses rent desks and share centralized services together. This low-cost option goes well for freelancers or small startups who want to leave their belongings at the end of the day. Plus, it’s a place where multiple business rent desks to run their amazing businesses, thus gives opportunity to networking with them, learn from them to drives you to have that same level  of success they achieved.  With many shared offices exist throughout UK, they offer many benefits like meeting rooms, relaxation areas and suitable furniture.

Coffee shops

Many coffee shops and cafes allow freelancers or fresh entrepreneurs to use their space and Wi-Fi connection on deal of a coffee or two. With no access to private space, some freelancers also prefer to have business meetings on coffee shops. While, some people don’t mind working in places like coffee shops, whereas others get distracted by inconsiderate people around and for them, it’s not a long-term working solution.


With search engine like Google, one can get endless possibilities and platforms for cheap office space in UK where people post lots of advertisements for cheap office rental options. But, many of these websites are not regulated so be careful while exchanging money.

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